Autumn Lawn Care Tips - Lawnspiration

Autumn is the time to prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead, when growth slows. Here’s how:

Rake the leaves

A build up of fallen leaves on the ground can damage your lawn. Be sure to either rake them up, or if it’s just a few, mow with a catcher. Leaves left to decompose on the lawn can starve it of sunlight and increase the risk of disease.


Autumn is fertilising time. Fertilising will give your lawn the boost it needs to keep it healthy through winter. It will also help prevent weeds from taking hold while your lawn’s growth rate slows.

A slow-release, granular fertiliser applied early to mid-autumn will gently feed your lawn and give you the best results. Check the forecast and fertilise just before rain is predicted, otherwise a light water after fertilising will help protect the lawn against leaf burn. See more on fertilising here.

Attack the weeds and grubs

Broad leaf weeds and lawn grubs can take hold in autumn. If you notice any of these appearing, take control of them before they become established.

A general broad leaf weed killer that’s safe for your lawn variety will take care of most broad leaf weeds, however if you’re unsure, it’s best to seek advice from a professional.

Birds on your lawn, or bare patches can often mean lawn grubs. If you think you have them, it’s also best to speak to a local professional for the best advice on how to treat them for your lawn.  See more on weeds and pests here.

Lift your mower height

Raise the height of your mower a couple of notches. Mowing your lawn a little longer in autumn helps it absorb more sunlight and protects it from the cooler weather.


Dethatching removes older grass and mulch build-up from the under-layers of your lawn and encourages new and thick growth.

To dethatch, rigorously rake your lawn with a metal rake or thatching rake to remove the thatch. To dethatch with a mower, lower your mower height one notch and mow the grass. Repeat this 2-3 times, each time lowering the mower height by another notch.