Caring For Your New Lawn - Lawnspiration

Caring for your lawn in the establishment period is different to how you care for your lawn ongoing. This period usually takes a couple of months.


Don’t allow turf to dry out during the establishment period. Keep the lawn damp but not saturated for the first 4-6 weeks depending on the climate to encourage deep rootings in the grass. In hot weather several light waterings may be required or you can cover with a shade cloth.

The first mow

Your turf should be about 6cm high and tightly rooted before the first mow. Never cut more than a third of the leaf in a single mow.

The first fertilise

Six weeks after the turf has been laid, fertilise it then give it a deep watering.

TIP: Avoid heavy traffic on the lawn for the first month.

Get a professional

Want your lawn installed by a professional? Your local turf supplier can help you choose the best lawn variety for your area and your yard, as well as install it for you. Find your closest supplier.