Couch - Lawnspiration

Couch (pronounced “cooch”) is a fine leaf, bright to dark green lawn variety that is drought resistant and a great family surface. A fast grower, couch is ideal for large areas with heavy foot traffic.

With lots of different types of couch turf available, make sure to ask your local turf supplier to help you find the right couch grass type to suit your needs. Find your local turf supplier here.

Why choose couch?

Couch grass loves the sun, and is tolerant to drought and heat conditions. However, because couch thrives on sun, it does have a lower tolerance for shady areas that some of the other varieties.

One of the best qualities about couch is its rapid growth rate. As one of the hard-wearing turf grass varieties, couch grass can quickly repair itself after rigorous activity. This makes it perfect for lawns with heavy traffic from children and dogs, and is why it is widely used in amenity areas such as parks, sports grounds and golf courses. It also makes it perfect for people who love to mow their lawns regularly.

The rapid growth rate does make couch a more invasive grass, and so it requires regular garden maintenance to pull out any runners which may have crept into surrounding paths and garden beds.

Couch has a good tolerance to herbicides for weed control.

How often to mow

Couch is the perfect lawn for someone who loves to mow. It often needs to be mown once a week in summer, depending on rainfall. General guidelines are that it needs to be 1-2cm in height when grown in the right conditions. When mowing, it’s important not to trim more than a third off the leaf at any time.

How often to water

Once a week is usually enough, depending on rainfall and your local climate. It’s a good idea to water deeply rather than frequently.

When to fertilise

Couch lawns should be fertilised four times per year for the best results. Make sure the fertiliser is watered in.