Health & Wellbeing - Lawnspiration

There’s no doubt that new turf can turn a house into a home. But did you know there are a variety of health and wellbeing benefits associated with having a lawn?

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests a positive association between green space and physical and mental health. A home lawn, or public park, provides an oasis of calm from the stress and trials of daily life.

Enhance your quality of life:

  • Spending time in greenspaces has proven health and wellbeing benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Studies have shown people who visit and interact with greenspaces have a greater quality of life, with lawn and gardens seen as a place for relaxation and time out, as well as a sanctuary for mental wellbeing.

Get active:

  • Lawn provides the opportunity for cardiovascular exercise – even by simply mowing the lawn!
  • It provides a great space for families to play and entertain, get kids away from their screens, and has a cushioning effect for pets.
  • Turf is also the safest outdoor surface for your home – helping to reduce the incident of personal injury through its cushioning ability.

Improve your environment:

  • Turf can help to reduce noise pollution and clean the air.
  • Lawn absorbs heat and breaks up radiant energy, reducing glare and having a cooling effect.
  • Turf reduces CO2 emissions, and generates oxygen.

Turf provides the ultimate surface for your home; it provides a healthy, clean environment that’s ideal for people of all ages (and pets, too!).

If you’re ready to ditch your screen time for green time, contact your nearest turf supplier today.



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