Kikuyu - Lawnspiration

Durable and drought resistant, kikuyu can be found in most yards. A fast grower, kikuyu loves sunny areas.

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Why choose kikuyu?

Kikuyu is a warm season grass that is known for its rapid growth rate. This ability to grow quickly and self-repair after wear and tear, combined with its soft leaf, makes it a great choice for backyards that are busy with kids, dogs and sports, as well as a great choice for larger areas like schools or recreational areas.

This also makes it a great choice for those who like to maintain their lawns, as its vigorous growth rate means that kikuyu needs to be mowed about once a week in summer. Kikuyu can also send runners into your garden which will need to be trimmed.

Kikuyu is recommended for full sun conditions and is drought tolerant, with very little water needed.

How often to mow  

Kikuyu grows vigorously so it needs to be mowed approximately once a week during summer. In colder months, this may stretch out to about once a month. When mowing, it’s important not to trim more than a third off the leaf at any time.

How often to water

Once a week is usually enough in the summer, and this can be scaled back in the colder months. Use your best judgement as to the moisture in your soil and adjust watering times up or down as required. It’s a good idea to water deeply rather than frequently.

When to fertilise

Kikuyu grows vigorously so it will generally only need to be fertilised twice a year. Aim to do this in spring and autumn. If your lawn is looking a little unhealthy, increase this frequency as required.