Laying Down The Lawn - Lawnspiration

We recommend laying your turf as soon as it is delivered. Waiting too long to install the turf, particularly in warmer months, can lead to the turf dying.

Apply a good lawn starter fertiliser to the soil before laying the turf to encourage deep root establishment of the lawn.

Start from the longest straight edge of the area. Lay in rows in a staggered brick pattern, across slopes rather than down. Ensure all joins are butted together tightly and that there is no overlap. Knock rolls together with the back of a rake or spade. Ensure there are no air pockets and that there’s good contact between the turf and the soil.

Next, cut the turf around the edges of trees or garden beds. Don’t throw away any of the turf off cuts as you may need it to fill in parts of your lawn at the end.

Use a roller to roll the entire area to improve contact between the turf and soil.

Water the turf within 30 minutes and make sure it’s soaked but not saturated.

You may also want to top dress the turf with top soil or washed river sand to help with establishment and hold in moisture.

TIP: Avoid walking or kneeling on the turf during this process and keep foot traffic for the first few weeks to a minimum.

If you are unsure of how to lay your turf, your local turf supplier can offer you advice and can even install it for you. Find your local supplier here.