Sprucing Up Your Yard For Spring - Lawnspiration

Spring has sprung, and with it, the peak growing conditions for turf.

A new lawn can completely transform your home or property, bringing new life to your garden area.

If you’re thinking of a garden renovation, Spring is the perfect time. The mild weather is perfect for helping to establish turf ahead of the harsher summer weather. Laying turf now also means your yard will be ready for backyard cricket and outdoor barbeques come December.

Here’s our guide to laying the perfect lawn:

1) Choose the right turf variety

There’s a number of factors to consider when choosing the right turf for your lawn. Things such as the amount of foot traffic your lawn will get (think kids running around outside), whether you have pets, and the amount of sunlight your lawn receives can impact how well certain turf varieties grow.

Not sure if a couch or buffalo variety is best for your property? Your local turf supplier will be able to give you the best advice for your home.

2) Prepare your soil

Preparation is key. Make sure your area is free from weeds, adjust the gradient of the area to help with drainage, conduct a PH test on your soil, then level and roll the soil so that it’s perfectly even. Then it’s time to measure the area to make sure you purchase the right amount of turf. Use the handy area calculator to estimate how much it will cost.

3) Lay down your lawn

Before laying down your turf, apply a lawn starter fertiliser to give your lawn the best chance at growing. Lay your turf as soon as it’s delivered so that it has no time to die or dry out. Start from the longest straight edge of the area and lay rows in a staggered brick pattern, ensuring there are no air pockets. It’s also a good idea to keep your lawn offcuts, as they may help to fill in areas at the end.

Once rolled, water the turf within 30 minutes, sit back, and gaze at your beautiful backyard.

Find more information on how you can add lawn to your property here.