Watering - Lawnspiration

Water is probably the most important thing to successfully maintaining a luscious lawn. Remember to check with your local water authority if there are any water restrictions in place before following this advice.

Water often

All lawn varieties need to be watered at least once a week as a minimum. If your lawn requires more, it will let you know it’s thirsty by changing colour. Be careful not to overwater – too much water can cause fungus to grow if air can’t get to the root system.

Water early

Watering in the morning is more efficient. The water will sink through the grass rather than evaporate in the heat of the day.

Water deeply

Don’t just water the weeds! By watering deeply, you’ll penetrate the root zone, encouraging deep root growth. Be careful not to water too fast as the water won’t sink in and will run off into paved areas.

Foot print test

Walk along the grass – if your footprints stay, it’s time to bring out the hose. Your feet will only leave footprints when there are low levels of water in the blades, which means the grass will compress under your weight.